It would have cost 60 million less than the approximately 450 million that the final bill landed on. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine are pointed out as some of the reasons why this happened.

"If you look at the cost increases in the construction industry, I think we got a lot of bridge for the money, then it's always sad when the budget goes over," says Peter Eriksson (M).

Investing for the future

However, the fact that the budget had been overrun did not seem to bother the residents of Trollhättan on Saturday. Lots of people had made their way to the opening ceremony in the heat. And when the countdown was over, they could breathe a sigh of relief – the bridge was folded down as it should and accompanied by both the JAS pitch and orchestra.

Then all that remained was the premiere walk for the many spectators. But whoever did not make it there today will have passed on time, according to the chairman of the municipal board.

"It's an investment for the future, it might stand for 200 years. So it is with pride that we stand here today, says Peter Eriksson (M).