• Coalition Echenique denounces that he was also vetoed and that his absence in the lists of Sumar "has been imposed externally"
  • 23-J Yolanda Díaz imposes a clause against a split from Podemos: if they leave, they lose 23% of the coalition's money

Irene Montero, the great defeated after the coalition agreement signed between Podemos and Sumar, remained silent until this Sunday after her disappearance from the electoral lists, which the purples carry entirely on the shoulders of Yolanda Díaz. The Minister of Equality, usually active in her social networks, has broken her silence by responding to Pablo Echenique, who today denounced on social networks that he had also been a victim of the "explicit vetoes" imposed from Sumar.

"Boss, I love you very much," Montero responded to the statement of the Podemos spokesman, who was annoyed by his exclusion despite defending unity as a political objective. "The negotiating team made it clear from day one that it was absolutely impossible for Podemos to head the list for Zaragoza," Echenique denounced. And that was, he says, the "only" place he could fit in.

Harder was Pablo Iglesias, who published this weekend an article in which he pointed to Yolanda Díaz as the "final executor" of a "violent" campaign to end Irene Montero "orchestrated from the most sinister apparatuses of the media, judicial and political right." "I hope Yolanda listens to those who are telling her to rectify," Iglesias launched, delving into the thesis of Podemos that until June 19 the electoral lists can be changed.

Against this desire, which the party uses as a battering ram of public pressure, weighs the agreement signed between the 16 formations that are part of Sumar and that already established the starting positions in each constituency and the names that will occupy them.

Despite this, the public profile of the positions of Podemos anticipates at least seven more days of war, in a context in which the polls, such as the one published yesterday by EL MUNDO, already detect that the PSOE capitalizes on the battles to its left. It gains four seats in a week, while Sumar falls more than 1.5 points in seven days.

The clauses designed by Yolanda Díaz's team threaten Podemos with withdrawing 23% of the coalition's economic resources, which belong to it, in case of a future split in Congress. And they establish that it will be Sumar who controls the campaign.

But at the moment they have no effect on the criticisms that accumulate from the positions of Podemos and its environment, such as the media promoted by Iglesias, Canal Red, which this Sunday published an opinion article that described Sumar as a "domesticated left" that has agreed to a "veto to feminism".

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