Monika Lilja believes that the man had not committed a crime and would only cross Järvafältet.

"He had no memory of forgetting the pocket knife in his bag," says Monika Lilja.

Detected by controller

It was around 17pm on Saturday that a bag inspector discovered that the man had a knife in his bag. He then allegedly tried to run away from the scene, but was stopped by security guards and arrested by police.

According to Monika Lilja, the man uses the knife partly at work.

Why did your client run from the scene?

"Because he was scared when there were so many people filming," says Monika Lilja.

The man has been arrested for a serious violation of the Knife Act and suspected of narcotics offences, according to the Swedish Prosecution Authority's press service.

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Watch the clip from the guards' intervention at Järvaveckan. Photo: Leonora Toplica/SVT