The New York Police Department has revealed that a 31-year-old software engineer jumped from Google's headquarters in the Chelsea neighborhood.

The New York Times reported that the employee threw himself from the fourth floor of the company building on Thursday evening.

A spokesman for the police department said they received a report of an unconscious person on the street, and upon arrival officers immediately took him to Bellevue Hospital, but was pronounced dead, and they also found traces of hands on the edge of the balcony, and no video of the incident has yet appeared.

This is the second suicide at Google in recent months, as Jacob Pratt, an employee who worked at Google's Manhattan branch, committed suicide in February, prompting some to raise questions about the company's work environment.

Pratt was a 33-year-old software engineer who was found hanging in an apartment on Feb. 16.

Tech blogger Christina commented that what happened makes it important to talk about mental exhaustion that reaches burnout, and mental health problems for tech workers, where many suffer but in silence.

This is why it's important to talk about burnout, mental health and the stress of working in tech/infosec and "keeping up".

Folks are EXHAUSTED, can't be vulnerable and are suffering in silence. So very sad man 💔

— C:hristina (@divinetechygirl) May 5, 2023

Software director Giovanni Saccti confirmed the same, saying: "Very sad to hear the news, and we have to get used to talking about fatigue and taking a break, no job is worth a human life."

Very sad to hear this news.

And I agree.. we should normalize talking about burnout and normalize taking a break. No job worth a human life.

— Giovanni Sakti (@giosakti) May 6, 2023

Bloggers enumerated the flaws that surround some work environments nowadays, which cause enormous pressure on employees, and produce depression, anxiety and many more diseases that the current generation of employees has known more than previous generations.

Sad state of affairs in tech. According to @crunchbase, more than 135,000 workers at U.S. based tech companies have been laid off in mass job cuts so far in 2023. Most will never again achieve the pay or benefits that they've enjoyed. Many will face ruin. AI will compound this.

— Billy MacLeod (@BillyMacLeod) May 5, 2023

Tweeters also drew attention to the reality of the technology market, where news of layoffs from everywhere, and tens of thousands of people lost their jobs during the recent period, with expectations that this will continue, which creates a permanent fear among employees of layoffs, and puts enormous pressure on all workers in the field.

The tech world is extremely competitive, A type personalities & ND folk thrive in this world. The thrill, adrenaline & boost to ego of being in an elite group of problem solvers. This all comes at a cost: breakdowns at 26, depression, extreme anxiety & death. It's a toxic thrill

— machi.eth (@Matshi_M) May 6, 2023

In January, Google's parent company Alphabet announced it would lay off 12,6 employees, representing <> percent of the company's workforce.