The study, conducted by Kantar Sifo on behalf of Apotek Hjärtat, shows that 29 percent of pollen allergy sufferers in Uppsala County feel that their symptoms have worsened, and 31 percent state that the allergy symptoms have come earlier than usual.

"This may be due to climate change, that it is different types of pollen that last a little longer and start earlier," says Viktoria Thollander, pharmacy manager in Södermanland.

It is important to medicate well in advance

The pharmacy manager points out that with the changes in the weather, it is important to take medication well in advance, and that it can be good to keep an eye out for pollen reports.

A total of 4,200 people aged 18-79 were interviewed in the survey, of which about 200 were in Uppsala County.

In the clip above, you get the pharmacist's three tips for coping with the allergy season.