DRC: EAC Chiefs of Staff meeting in Goma

East African Community Joint Force troops patrol in Goma on December 2, 2022, three days after the M23 attacks. AFP - GLODY MURHABAZI

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the heads of the regional force of the East African Community (EAC) are scheduled to meet in Goma this week. According to the Congolese side, it will be necessary to reassess the implementation of the mandate of this force in the east of the DRC.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Kinshasa no longer hides its mistrust of certain contingents and before extending the mandate, which expired at the end of March, the Congolese authorities say they want a frank discussion.

Thus, Kinshasa is suspicious, for example, of the position of the Ugandan army. Yoweri Museveni's troops are present in eastern Congo on two fronts: one against the ADF as part of a coalition with the Congolese army and the other under the banner of the EAC.

Kampala says his army is not on Congolese soil to open fire on the M23, a position that Congolese authorities disapprove of, brandishing the force's offensive mandate.


We remain skeptical because we know the actors. The issue with Uganda is more bizarre because the Ugandan military is dying at the front line with our military to fight the ADF. We cannot therefore understand this form of duality with the Ugandan army in relation to the crisis in the DRC," said Patrick Muyaya, spokesman for the Congolese government.

There is also the question of the duration of the mandate, initially set at six months renewable.


If the M23 withdrawal process is respected, there will no longer be the need to have this force beyond a three-month period, but it will also depend on the evolution of the situation on the ground. In any case, diplomatic contacts continue. It will be at the level of defense ministers, chiefs of staff and later at the level of heads of state," Muyaya added.

Meanwhile, the tone has risen in recent days between the M23 and the Congolese government. The armed movement demands a direct dialogue with the Congolese authorities before any disarmament process.

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