Beijing, 4 Apr (ZXS) -- Comprehensive news: According to Russian media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order on 1 March approving the new version of the "Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation." According to the website of the President of Ukraine, the leaders of Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Moldova visited Ukraine on March 3.

Russia releases new version of "Foreign Policy Vision"

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order on March 3 approving the new version of the "Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation" (hereinafter referred to as the "Concept"), clarifying Russia's national interests, basic principles, strategic goals, main tasks and priority directions in the field of foreign policy.

The new version of the Concept states that Russia pursues an independent, multidirectional foreign policy based on respect for universally recognized principles and norms of international law and international cooperation on an equal footing.

The "Concept" emphasizes that Russia intends to coexist peacefully with the United States and maintain a strategic balance with it; Russia will eliminate security threats from unfriendly countries in Europe and NATO; In order to promote a multipolar world, Russia's priority task is to eliminate the "dominant position" of the United States and other unfriendly countries in international affairs and force them to abandon their neo-colonialism and hegemonic ambitions. Russia believes that the main risks to international security and peace and the equitable development of human society come from the United States; For Europe, independence from the United States and abandonment of anti-Russian policies will bring security and well-being to Europe.

The leaders of the four countries visit Ukraine

According to the Ukrainian president's website, the leaders of Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Moldova visited Ukraine on March 3 to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the U.N. News Agency, Zelensky, when meeting with Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic, expressed gratitude to Croatia for supporting Ukraine's candidate status as an EU candidate country. The two sides also discussed Ukraine's promotion of cooperation in European integration.

During talks with Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Hegel, Zelensky expressed the hope that Slovakia would facilitate Ukraine's accession to the European Union. The two sides also talked about Slovakia's participation in the restoration and reconstruction of Ukraine.

Zelensky issued a joint statement with Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob. The statement noted that Slovenia supports Ukraine's accession to NATO as soon as conditions permit.

Zelensky and Moldovan President Sandu discussed hot issues of bilateral cooperation.

Wimbledon will allow Russian and Belarusian players to play in neutral capacity

Wimbledon Championship host All England Lawn Tennis Club announced in a March 3 statement that Russian and Belarusian players will be allowed to compete in neutral capacity, CNN reported.

Russian and Belarusian players were banned from participating in Wimbledon last year. Subsequently, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the Association of Men's Professional Tennis Players (ATP) and the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) announced the cancellation of Wimbledon ranking points in 2022 to protect players' equal opportunities to compete as individuals.

The IMF approved about $156.<> billion in loans to Ukraine

According to Reuters, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) executive board said in a statement on March 3 that the organization has approved a loan of about $31.156 billion for Ukraine for four years.

The loan is part of a support package for Ukraine totaling $1150 billion, the sources said. The plan includes debt relief, grants and loans from multilateral and bilateral agencies.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the IMF through social media on the same day. (End)