Wilfried Devillers, edited by Gauthier Delomez 19:54 pm, April 01, 2023

As a result of the strike movements in the refineries against the pension reform, many service stations in France find themselves totally or partially out of fuel. This situation, which resembles that of last autumn, remains different, however, even if near Paris, it was difficult to find unleaded 98.

The fear for road users to relive last fall. Many French petrol stations are still affected by fuel shortages on Saturday, due to strike movements against the pension reform in refineries. For the moment, 28 departments list at least 10% of stations totally or partially out of a product, as in Paris where there are 37% of distributors with at least one shortage.

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In a gas station near the Paris ring road, and in which Europe 1 went this Saturday, motorists are especially looking for unleaded 98. In vain. "We moved a little further away to find a pump that distributed 95. It's hard to find 98, there's nowhere to be found," Danielle concedes. "Diesel is easily found, but not 98. Unfortunately, I will be forced to take 95, it does not suit me, "laments this driver.

"Run to find where to refuel"

Gilles also drove to come and refuel. "We don't want it to last long, because it's not good for us who work at night," he told Europe 1. "We are forced to run during the day to find where to refuel," says this driver.

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All motorists hope not to experience the same situation as in September-October 2022, during the previous strike of refiners. If this scenario does not seem to be current for the moment, in the Val-de-Marne, one station out of two is partially broken.