In response to Russia's announcement of its intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, an emergency meeting was held at the United Nations Security Council, and while the United States called on Russia to stop using nuclear threats, Russia responded by arguing that the United States was the one deploying nuclear weapons to its allies, resulting in an exchange of accusations.

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement last week that they had agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, an alliance, the Security Council convened an emergency meeting on March 3 at Ukraine's request.

First, Under-Secretary-General Nakamitsu, who heads the disarmament division at the United Nations, said, "All countries must not take actions regarding nuclear weapons that could lead to a worsening or unforeseen situation, and the parties to the NPT = Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty should work to reduce nuclear risks and ease tensions."

After this, U.S. Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Wood accused Russia of "escalating dangerous and unstable actions and reminding the world that he is ignoring international law and the UN Charter," and called on Russia to immediately stop the nuclear threat.

In response, Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations Nebenzia retorted, "Russia has removed nuclear weapons from the countries of the former Soviet Union, but the United States is deploying nuclear weapons in NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization member countries," and it was an exchange of accusations.

Furthermore, at the meeting, Brazil, which does not possess nuclear weapons, criticized both sides for the confrontation between the United States and Russia over the implementation of the "New START" nuclear disarmament treaty triggered by the situation in Ukraine.