The country's prisons are grappling with overcrowding and overcrowding. At the prisons in Norrtälje and Österåker, among others, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service is planning major expansions to increase the number of places.

But it's not just the inmates who are getting more. As prisons grow, new staff are also needed. The most common occupational group in the country's prisons is correctional officers.

"The risk now that the Prison Service is recruiting so many is that it will be difficult to keep track of everyone – and that security is lacking. But I think we have enough resources, says Elin Dynewall, correctional officer at Norrtälje prison.

The country's most serious criminals

The prison in Norrtälje has security class 1, which is the highest security class of closed institutions. Here are inmates who are often violent or prone to escape. Norrtälje prison also has its own department for inmates convicted of sexual crimes.

"In the first place, it's about protecting society and making sure that those who are convicted of crimes are locked up. But we also try to make sure that those who sit here get out better into society," says Teddy Wallmo.

In the video, correctional officers Teddy Wallmo and Elin Dynewall show the Norrtäljean number from inside the walls.