Guiyang, 3 Mar (ZXS) -- With the theme of "Yue Qian Holding Hands and Turning Toward the Future," the opening ceremony of the Guizhou Tour of Lingnan Friendship among Taiwan Youth Lingnan Best Friends was held at the Confucius Academy in Guiyang on 27 March. More than 27 young people from the island of Taiwan, teachers and students from Taiwan in Guangdong, the second generation of Taiwan businessmen, and teachers and students from Qian Taiwan participated in the study and exchange together.

The exchange activity was jointly organized by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guizhou Province and the Guangdong Cross-Strait Exchange Promotion Association. Li Weijian, Deputy Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, said that the Taiwan Youth Tour to Guizhou aims to build an exchange platform for young friends in Qiantai, further encourage Taiwanese youth to come to Qiantai for exchanges and cooperation, build friendship with each other, enhance understanding, promote recognition, and continuously promote the integrated development of young people in Qianzhou and Taiwan.

Most of the young people who participated in this event came to Guizhou for the first time. Deng Zhiteng, the second generation of Taiwan businessmen, said that he followed his father's generation from Taiwan to start a business, deeply felt the continuous prosperity of the mainland and the care of all walks of life in the mainland for Taiwan youth, and hoped that through this activity, he would better understand the diversity and diversity of Chinese culture, feel the customs and unique charm of Guizhou's ethnic minorities, feel the results of the mainland's east-west cooperation and rural revitalization strategy, and enhance his all-round understanding of the mainland's economy and society.

Xie Yahui, who is currently an associate professor at the School of Fine Arts of Guangdong Technical Normal University, came to the mainland from Taiwan in 2012 to pursue a doctoral degree and stayed in the mainland to develop. The second time she came to Guizhou, she and her friends went to Huangguoshu Waterfall, Xijiang Qianhu Miaozhai and other places, and shot a personal short video to introduce Guizhou, "I like Guizhou's landscape and colorful national culture, and I will share what I saw and heard during this trip to Guizhou with Taiwanese friends through videos and texts." ”

In the next few days, the young people on this trip will go to Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture to visit the production of 100-year-old intangible cultural heritage boat pottery, visit the "Eye of China" to carry out popular science culture study, go to Baisha Miao Village to appreciate the original ecological protection and national cultural charm of the Miao people, watch the "terraced sunrise" to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the countryside, learn to sing the "Dong Nationality Song" to experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage...

In addition, during the trip to Guizhou, Taiwanese youth will also hold discussions with local village cadres, entrepreneurs returning to their hometowns and villagers in Congjiang County, Guizhou, and hold an investment promotion meeting on "rural revitalization and industrial development" to discuss strategies to help rural revitalization. (End)