The Information Office of the State Council today (28th) released the "2022 US Human Rights Violations Report" to expose the truth of human rights violations in the United States.

The report is divided into seven parts: the preamble, the serious disability of the civil rights protection system, the increasing hollowing out of American-style electoral democracy, the intensification of racial discrimination and inequality, the aggravation of the basic survival crisis of the people at the bottom, the historic retrogression of women's children's rights, and the wanton violation of human rights and the violation of justice in other countries.

According to the report, 2022 was a marked regression year for the human rights situation in the United States. In the United States, which prides itself on being a "defender of human rights", it is difficult to get rid of persistent diseases such as money politics, racial discrimination, the proliferation of guns, police violence, and the gap between the rich and the poor.

The report points out that the United States is a country defined by extreme violence, and the people are threatened by violent crime and violent law enforcement, and the personal safety of citizens is not guaranteed. Prisons are overcrowded and have become modern slavery facilities, where forced labour and sexual exploitation are commonplace.

The report shows that American-style democracy has lost its popular base. The cost of elections in the United States has soared repeatedly, "black gold" donations secretly manipulate the direction of elections, political polarization and social tearing make it difficult to reach a democratic consensus, and people generally despair about American-style democracy.

The report highlights the growing racism in the United States and widespread discrimination against minorities; Life expectancy has fallen sharply and drug abuse deaths have continued to rise; The environment in which children live is worrying. Under the interaction of polarized economic distribution pattern, social pattern of racial conflict and political pattern controlled by capital interest groups, the United States has further fallen into the quagmire of institutional failure, lack of governance, ethnic division, and social turmoil in recent years.

The report believes that US politicians serving the interests of the oligarchy have not only increasingly lost the subjective will and objective ability to respond to the basic demands of ordinary people and defend the basic rights of ordinary citizens, and are unable to solve their own structural and persistent problems of human rights problems, but have arbitrarily used human rights as weapons to attack other countries, creating confrontation, division and chaos in the international community, and have become disruptors and hinders of global human rights development.

(CCTV News Client CCTV Reporter Zhu Ruomeng)