He believes that US President Joe Biden feared that against the background of the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield, "Europe, especially Germany, will begin to pass" and will not supply weapons to Kiev.

According to him, in the United States "there were fears" that Scholz in the winter "will open the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline" and "people will be warmed, business will be satisfied."

"And we didn't give him that opportunity. Deprived him of this opportunity. That's probably the only reasonable explanation for why Biden blew up the pipeline — in my opinion and the opinion of many other people involved," Hersh said.

He said he didn't know if Scholz knew about it at the time.

"However, he is certainly not part of the circle of people demanding an investigation - [on the contrary], he is doing everything possible to stall him," Hersh said.

Hersh also believes that Biden clung to Ukraine to get political points before the elections in the United States.

In addition, Seymour Hersh in an interview with RT said that Washington threw a new version into the media about the explosions of Nord Streams, because the White House knows who staged the explosions and will not investigate these sabotages.

In an interview with RT, he gave a forecast that the summer and autumn of 2023 will turn into a catastrophe for Europe.

Seymour Hersh previously published an investigation into US involvement in the undermining of Nord Streams.

Explosions on the lines of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline system occurred on September 26, 2022 near the Danish island of Bornholm.