DRC: in Kinshasa, a new clinic to offer free care to the poorest

A view of downtown Kinshasa, the Congolese capital. (Illustrative image) Wikimedia/CC

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Indian businessman Harish Jagtani opened a clinic in Kinshasa on March 26, 2023. "At the moment, we can accommodate 300 people a day," explains its founder. Report in this structure that intends to deliver free care to the most disadvantaged.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

In the DRC, a clinic opened its doors on Sunday, March 26, 2023 to offer free care to the indigent and other vulnerable people in the capital Kinshasa, a megacity that has one of the high rates of deaths on the continent from tropical (infectious) diseases.

In a country where three-quarters of the population is plunged into poverty, few households are able to cover care. In an attempt to give poor people more chances to live, the HJ Foundation, named after an Indian businessman, Harish Jagtani, runs a clinic for free care.

« I set up this structure, so that it is 100% free »

The courtyard of this clinic extends over hundreds of square meters near the city center. "It is by giving that we receive": the motto is inscribed on a banner behind the master of the place, Harish Jagtani.


I have a hospital called HJ hospital," he says. I have seen that there are many patients who cannot get medical care because of lack of means. That's how I set up this structure, so that it would be 100% free. At the moment, we can accommodate 300 people per day. Congo has given me a lot and now is the time to give back.


The clinic offers different types of care. "There is a prosthetic service available," says Harish Jagtani. We have the dialysis department. Normally, it costs about 150 U.S. dollars per session; it's too expensive. There, it will be free. We have also set up the ophthalmology service, we will give free treatments.


HJ foundation Center Inauguration

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— Harish Jagtani Foundations (@HjFoundations) March 27, 2023

Patient eligibility verified for certain procedures

No need to pay for care. But for some acts, investigations are required to verify that the patient is poor. "People in difficult situations, we track them directly," explains Gaétan Malu, the clinic's operations manager. After 10 or 15 minutes, the person has the result. If she tests positive, the medication is taken over. But for appropriate care such as dialysis or eye surgery, we have a team that does an investigation, normally. You can't take care of the rich."

In addition to subsidies from its initiator, the clinic benefits from donations from some non-governmental organizations and some private institutions for its operation.

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