Weaving a dense network to integrate forces

Solidly improve the grassroots supervision system

The work report of the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection made arrangements for promoting the improvement of the supervision system of the party and the state, and clearly required the promotion and improvement of the grassroots supervision system. All localities make overall plans for the use of county and township supervision forces, promote the effective connection between grassroots discipline inspection and supervision organizations and village affairs supervision committees, build a big data supervision platform for grassroots public power, smooth mass supervision channels, and improve grassroots supervision networks.

A few days ago, the people of Cuozai Village, Jiaojiang Town, Shishi City, Fujian Province, supervised the WeChat group through small and micro powers, reflecting the slow progress of road reconstruction and upgrading between villages. The Shishi Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision immediately organized relevant functional departments to supervise and solve the problem, and the "worrisome road" became a "heart-warming road", and the sense of gain of the masses continued to improve.

Regarding how to improve the grassroots supervision system, the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has established a supervision and sinking work pattern of provincial-level system planning, implementation at the level of cities and counties, and specific responsibility of townships and towns, promoted the construction of an information platform for supervision of small and micro powers, and woven a dense grassroots supervision network. "This small and micro power supervision WeChat group is an important part of the village-level small and micro power supervision information platform that we have promoted to the whole city under the guidance of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision." The responsible comrade of the relevant department of the Quanzhou Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Commission introduced that through scientific and technological means and the use of big data, it not only effectively strengthens the integration of grassroots supervision resources, but also further unblocks and expands the channels for mass participation, and truly realizes the sinking of supervision.

"I heard that the vacant primary school building in the village will be rented out for kiwifruit cultivation, how much is the rent? Is the money paid? How is it allocated? At the beginning of this year, when Diao Junming, a supervisor of party style and government style in Tianyuan Village, Jintang County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, visited the village group 8, villager Uncle Li sent Diao Junming "three consecutive questions."

"There is indeed this matter, Murakami is still talking. However, you can rest assured that the use of funds in the village is set up and will be disclosed in a timely manner, and we continue to follow up and supervise. Diao Junming replied.

To make the masses "visible" and "feeling" the discipline inspection and supervision work, it is necessary to enrich the grassroots discipline inspection and supervision forces and bring the supervision work to the masses. The Chengdu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has vigorously promoted the "four strong actions" of strengthening the organization, strengthening the capacity, strengthening the main business, and strengthening the guarantee, and deepened the standardization and standardization of town (street) discipline inspection and supervision organizations.

The Chengdu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has made great efforts to weave a dense village (community) supervision network, integrate village-level supervision forces, study and formulate ten measures for strengthening rural supervision work, rural discipline inspection and supervision work regulations, etc., extend supervision to the grassroots level, more timely and accurately discover "fly greed" and "ant corruption" around the masses, and effectively safeguard the vital interests of the people. Actively build a three-level linkage supervision structure at the county, town (street) and village (community) levels, build and strengthen the team of supervisors of village (community) party style and government style, carry out close supervision of key village (community) work such as "three capital" management, "three affairs" disclosure, operation of "small and micro powers", project construction, and implementation of policies to benefit the people, and give play to the role of grassroots "supervision posts".

In order to further unblock the channels of mass supervision, the Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Commission of Shibei District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, relied on the supervision framework of "district overall planning to grasp the streets and promote the community", gave play to the role of "through train" monitoring points and integrity supervisors, and adopted methods such as window stationing and experience visits to carry out embedded supervision at grassroots office windows. Expand the strength of grassroots supervision, and pay attention to giving play to the strength of enterprises, residents and other masses, discover problems on the front line and around them, and effectively resolve the dilemma of grassroots supervision.

The Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Committee of Qingdao Shibei District took the opportunity of promoting the reform of the grassroots discipline inspection and supervision system to set up a supervision and cooperation zone, improve the linkage of "office groups", coordination of "group groups", and joint supervision mechanisms of "group enterprises", broaden front-line supervision channels, gather supervision and joint forces, and form a closed loop of accurate supervision to find problems, feedback problems and supervise and solve them. (Website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Li Lingna)