China News Network, March 3 Comprehensive US media reported that DeSantis, governor of Florida and the biggest rival of Trump's party, recently commented on the former president's alleged "hush money", and also choked Trump in an interview with British media person Pierce Morgan, describing himself as a "low-key winner."

Infographic: Florida Governor DeSantis.

Since Trump predicted on social media that he would be "arrested," people have been waiting for DeSantis to comment on the possible prosecution of the former president. After days of fruitless waiting, Trump supporters "squirted" DeSantis, calling his silence "indifferent" to Trump or being indicted, and even calling him an "enemy accomplice."

On the 20th, at an event held in Panama City, Florida, DeSantis finally spoke out on the matter, criticizing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for possible charges against Trump.

However, in an interview after the event, DeSantis took aim at Trump, saying the former president had "character problems" and saying he was the "low-key winner."

On November 2022, 11, local time, former US President Trump delivered a speech at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, officially announcing that he will participate in the 15 US presidential election.

In an interview with Morgan, Mr. DeSantis made clear that Mr. Trump "likes to do sabotage," "likes to hire people who are at odds with his publicly stated policy interests," and "regularly leaks information to the news media" — things Trump is often criticized.

"In terms of my leadership, the people I hire in the government have to align with our and people's agendas," he quipped, "If you come in with your own agenda, it's basically out of play, and we're not going to do that." The way we manage government will look at the big picture, not petty farce..."

DeSantis' provocation came as a deep surprise to both Republicans and Trump allies. Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, lashed out at DeSantis' rhetoric in the interview. He posted on social platforms: "DeSantis has finally revealed his true face...", and said that Trump's biggest rival has always been sympathetic and has never supported the idea of "making America great again".

Taylor Budovich, a senior official of Trump's "super PAC" and former Trump spokesman, wrote, "The entire conservative wing is united against this unfair prosecution against Trump, and only DeSantis continues to act rashly and make a big fuss on some video blogs that don't get on the table." ”

Although DeSantis has not officially announced his candidacy for president, polls show that among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, his current approval rating is second only to Trump, far ahead of other Republican candidates.

In the interview, DeSantis also expressed a positive view of running for president. "If I'm going to run, my opponent will be Biden," he said, adding: "Biden has failed this country, I think America needs to change, it wants a new beginning, it wants to find a new direction..."

Asked if he could win the showdown with Biden, he said: "I believe so. ”

After DeSantis commented on the "hush money", Trump later posted on his self-created social media platform "Real Social" in response that DeSantis may also be plagued by fake news in the future, and even encounter unfair accusations, and when he is illegally attacked by others, he will also want to confront those who spread rumors.