In response to the continued rise in prices, the government's task force decided on additional measures totaling more than 2 trillion yen, including measures to reduce the burden of electricity bills and LP gas in addition to benefits for low-income households.

On the morning of November 22, the government held a meeting of the Comprehensive Measures Headquarters for Prices, Wages, and Livelihoods at the Prime Minister's Office and decided on additional measures in response to soaring prices.

As an additional measure, low-income households will receive a uniform target of 3,1 yen, and child-rearing households will receive a separate stipend of 5,5 yen per child.

In addition, with regard to electricity charges, with the aim of popularizing renewable energy, the so-called "renewable energy levy" that is added every month will be revised to reduce the burden of 800 yen per month for the average household from next month's use, which will be billed in May, and applications for price increases from electric power companies from next month onwards will be strictly and carefully screened, rather than based on a schedule.

In addition, the government will reduce the burden on households that use LP gas and provide support to businesses that use a lot of electricity.

The government, together with these measures, will spend more than 2 trillion yen from the contingency fund in this fiscal year's budget.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno stated, "The global rise in prices remains unpredictable, and we will continue to respond flexibly in light of daily changes in prices and economic developments," and requested the relevant ministers to proceed with measures with a sense of urgency.

Finance Minister Suzuki: "Respond flexibly and seamlessly"

Regarding the government's decision to take additional measures totaling more than 2 trillion yen in response to soaring prices, Finance Minister Suzuki stated at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on March 22, "We will continue to respond flexibly and seamlessly to price developments.

When asked about criticism of using this fiscal year's contingency fund for measures to be implemented from April onwards, he replied, "There was a lack of sufficient prospects at the budget compilation stage. In this vein, we will use contingency funds to respond seamlessly and flexibly."