Heavy rains in Idlib province in northwestern Syria flooded 574 tents in 18 camps for displaced people in the area.

Heavy rains began to fall on Idlib province on Saturday evening, and some camp residents were affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria at dawn on the sixth of last February.

Difficult catastrophic conditions witnessed last night / 18-03-2023 / camps in northwest Syria as a result of the floods that hit the region.
More than 40 camps have been damaged by heavy rainfall, and most civilians are in dire condition and lack the most basic necessities of life.
Photos from Adwan camp in rural Idlib. pic.twitter.com/GHecDA8OJz

— Maram Foundation (@MaramFoundation) March 19, 2023

Pictures on social media showed dozens of tents flooded with heavy rain.

with the continuation of the depression. Floodwaters enter dozens of tents and cause damage in displacement camps in rural Idlib https://t.co/QXhz6zR0fc

— Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (@syriahr) March 19, 2023

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that a number of camps housing displaced people in rural Idlib were severely damaged as a result of the severe rainstorm and the formation of torrential rains.

650 tents in 40 camps and shelters in rural Idlib were flooded as a result of heavy rains that fell yesterday afternoon and evening, Saturday, March 18#سوريا #ادلب pic.twitter.com/esy7OvaOTJ

— Firas Alkhalifa (@firas_alkhalifa) March 19, 2023

The Observatory added that rainwater entered dozens of tents in camps for displaced people, causing total or partial damage.

Thousands of Syrians who have been forced to flee their homes to Idlib because of the war in their country live in the camps.