- I received a text message that I call "hey mom or dad sms".

There is someone who claimed to be my child and had changed the phone number.  

But here the fraud went bet. 

- I would like to say that in this region I am the most experienced police officer when it comes to fraud.

Among other things, I hold lectures for the elderly to prevent this.

Here, Robert Loeffel teaches how the elderly should not get winded

Anyone can be affected 

According to Robert Loeffel, this is a fairly common method.

When they get someone to change the number in the phone book, the question of money comes up.

Often they need to pay an important bill, but cannot access their bank ID in the new phone.

They therefore need to get money swished. 

- I want to tell you about this to show that these frauds affect everyone.

Me too on the police service phone. 

Phone scammers topped 60 million in January 

This week alone, there have been ten cases of this type of fraud in Färjestaden on Öland, and in four of the cases, elderly people have lost money. 

- I think this is a low-level crime when they often target elderly people.

Just in the month of January this year, telephone fraudsters have come in over SEK 60 million.

This is a huge nationwide problem. 

What is your advice if you are exposed to a so-called "hello mum or dad sms"? 

- If someone claims to be a relative with a new number, never pay.

Get in touch with them via their old phone number.

It will always work, I promise.

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Hear the police's three best tips for not being tricked by fraudsters.

Photo: Olof Peterson/SVT