Stéphane Burgatt (in Aix-en-Provence), edited by Laura Laplaud 07:34, February 22, 2023

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Today, how to avoid food waste?

An app might just be the new solution.

Launched at the beginning of the year, it is available throughout France and allows individuals to connect with each other to buy or sell dishes at low prices, or surplus food.

How to avoid food waste?

In France, food losses and waste represent 10 million tonnes of products per year, according to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

In Aix-en-Provence, Andrea Becherini launched "Meetit" at the start of the year, an application that allows individuals to buy or sell dishes at a low price, or even to sell their surplus food.

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"I save about 20 euros, it's not negligible"

A concept that greatly interested Emma.

The student likes to take her mind off things in the evening while cooking.

"I prepare a sautéed rice with peas, bacon bits, mushrooms and onions. A little Asian sauce. The rice, I can never measure it", she explains at the microphone of Europe 1. 

If she registered on this application, it is to avoid waste, but also to save money.

"I intend to sell these shares for around 3.50 euros. It gives me additional income and above all saves me money on my shopping. My shopping basket costs me much less each week, I save around 20 euros, this is not negligible."

Dishes at 4 or 5 euros

In addition to the anti-waste aspect, it is also an opportunity for gourmets and the curious to have fun at a lower cost, says Andréa, the founder of the Meetit application.

"Around us, we have good Tunisian couscous, tuna bricks, speculoos verrines... The idea is to eat dishes that are prepared in house at more attractive prices. On average, the dishes cost between 4 and 5 euro."

This application will also soon make it possible to recover anti-waste baskets from restaurants.