The mother of a 12-year-old girl who died last Monday at the

Valencia Clinical Hospital of

"purulent peritonitis" has denounced that her death occurred after taking her, with severe abdominal pain, vomiting and fever, up to three times to emergency services, where she was not diagnosed or performed any medical tests.

Beatriz Gascó ,


's mother

, has told EFE that they will file a complaint against the health administration for "medical negligence" because they do not want what happened to her daughter to "happen again" and if they have to "change the protocol and Every child or adult who comes in with abdominal pain should have a test done, let them do it."

As he explained, on January 29, he took the little girl to the emergency room at the

Viver clinic

, about six kilometers from


where they live, because she had abdominal pain, vomiting and a slight fever, and the doctor told her that it was "a virus "And although he asked if it could be appendicitis because his eldest son had already had it "he ruled it out. I am not a doctor and I cannot contradict him, and we returned home."

Seeing that on February 2 she was not feeling better, he took her back to the Viver clinic and the doctor, "on seeing the reports on the 29th, she did not even get up. She asked me why I was coming back and I told her that she was not feeling well, that I still didn't eat and had diarrhea and that I was losing a lot of weight. He told me that it was a viral process and that the virus lasted eight to ten days."

On February 4, they took her to

the Sagunto Hospital

"and, with a fever of 38.8 and a defenseless abdomen, they told me that it was nothing, that although she had lost weight we should go home that it was nothing" and the day 5, as she still couldn't see her well, they took her back to the doctor and in the consultation "she fainted and lost consciousness."

When she arrived in Viver, she was in respiratory arrest and the doctor spent twelve minutes resuscitating her and, after an ambulance from


arrived , stabilized her and transferred her to the

Hospital Clínico de Valencia

where she went into standby again and after two hours trying to revive her, she died at two o'cloc after midnight.

The little girl's mother explained that on none of the three occasions that she was taken to the emergency room did she have medical tests, such as a blood test or an ultrasound, despite insisting that it could be appendicitis.

According to what he indicates, at the Clinic they told him that Enma had died of "purulent peritonitis", caused by an accumulation of blood, bodily fluids or pus in the abdomen.

"This cannot be happening, we are in the 21st century, that a girl or an adult dies of peritonitis," says Beatriz, who adds that when a mother goes to the emergency room "it is because her son is sick, not because she wants to to see the doctor. It seems that we are asking for their permission and that is not the case, if I go and he told you that he is ill, do him a minimum of attention".

"Enma was happy, she was always with her friends recording tik tok, singing songs. She played soccer, went to the conservatory, she was very studious, even when she was sick she was doing her homework.

She was the joy of the house

, I don't have a photo in the one who was angry".


Ministry of Health

has informed EFE that they "deeply regret" the death of the minor, that they make themselves available to the family and that they "will analyze everything that happened."

Ramón Martínez is a socialist councilor in the City Council of Jérica and Beatriz, the mother of the little girl, has a tobacconist in this municipality of Castellón, where they will pay tribute to the little girl in her school and whose City Council decreed official mourning last Monday and tomorrow Saturday has called a concentration in memory of Enma.


Patient Ombudsman

has asked the Provincial Prosecutor of Valencia to open an ex officio investigation "for the alleged crime of abandonment and subsequent death".

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