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A drone exploded on Monday in Russia's Kaluga region, just 150 kilometers from Moscow.

There were no injuries and the origin of the device is not clear either, but it is not the first case that has occurred in the area, which is 260 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

As reported by the governor of the region, Vladislav Shapsha, the event occurred "at five in the morning in the forest" near Kaluga.

In October there were two drone incidents in the Kaluga region.

A drone exploded over the Shaikovka airbase, where Tu-22M3s equipped to carry nuclear weapons are deployed.

A week later, in the south of the region, another unidentified aircraft was shot down by air defense systems.

Since the end of December, the use of drones has been officially prohibited in the Kaluga region, as well as in other areas.

Kaluga is located in the west of Russia but does not touch the country's limits, although during the empire it was a border fortress and was the route Napoleon chose in his retreat from Moscow.

During World War II it was occupied for several months by the Germans.

Today it is an important railway junction and one of the centers of the Russian automotive industry, in crisis precisely because of the sanctions derived from the war.

During the last months, Ukraine has even managed to reach military bases on Russian territory, although the attacks are very sporadic.

Russia has denounced in the past that Ukrainian drones flew into its territory and caused damage to civil infrastructure

, a point that Kiev denies.


Ukraine fears a new Russian offensive in the coming days, just at a time when its Defense Minister,

Olexiy Reznikov

, is in the wing.

The substitution seems imminent.

But Ukraine's Defense Ministry is unlikely to face personnel changes this week, according to David Arajamiya, parliamentary leader of the Servant of the People party.

Arajamiya said on Telegram that

appointments are planned for the Interior Minister and the head of the security service


If Volodimir Zelenski finally dismisses Minister Reznikov, it would be the biggest change of government so far in the war.

Reznikov has been crucial in catalyzing the arrival of foreign weapons and maintains good relations with the Pentagon and NATO.

His departure arises after a cascade of resignations and dismissals due to corruption.

Kyrilo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian military spy agency, is scheduled to replace Reznikov.

Arajamia assured that Reznikov would be appointed Minister of Strategic Industries.

Changes seemed imminent but now the Ukrainian president remains silent on the issue.

Reznikov himself said on Sunday that he had not been informed of any moves and that he would turn down the strategic industry job if offered.

Two senior lawmakers told Reuters that the rules require Ukraine's defense minister to be a civilian, which would appear to bar the immediate appointment of Budanov, an ambitious 37-year-old military man.

Zelensky has asked the Ukrainian parliament to extend martial law for another 90 days

from February 19, according to a draft decree on the parliament's website.

He also intends to extend the mobilization for 90 days.

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