CCTV News (News Network): General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that ensuring national food security is an eternal issue, and this string cannot be loosened at any time.

The plan for a year lies in spring.

Right now, the country's spring plowing preparations are being carried out successively from south to north. All grain-producing areas regard ensuring the stable and safe supply of grain and important agricultural products as a top priority, and accelerate the improvement of comprehensive grain production capacity.

  In the beginning of spring, spring returns to the earth, Vientiane is renewed, and various grain-producing areas have gradually entered the busy season of spring plowing and spring management.

  In order to increase oil production capacity, this year, Guizhou Province has increased the development and utilization of winter fallow fields, and the rapeseed planting area has expanded by 800,000 mu.

  In Weifang, Shandong, agricultural machinery manufacturers are operating at full capacity 24 hours a day.

On this production line, an average of one tractor rolls off the production line every five minutes, and it is estimated that 1.69 million units (sets) of agricultural machinery will be put into spring plowing production in Shandong this year.

  In Qing'an, Heilongjiang, more than 8,000 people have been invested in the local area to actively carry out the work of clearing snow and closing sheds, so as to seize the farming time for rice seedlings to be raised as soon as possible.

  With food in hand, don't panic.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to food security. From the Huanghuai wheat area to the "Tianfu Granary", from the "Southern Silicon Valley" to the black soil in Northeast China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited the fields many times to inspect the growth of crops and understand the seeds Scientific research, protection and utilization of cultivated land, etc.

He emphasized that to ensure food security, the key is to maintain food production capacity and ensure that it can be produced and supplied when needed.

  This year, our country will ensure that the grain area is stable at more than 1.77 billion mu, and strive to increase it, and ensure that the grain output continues to remain at more than 1.3 trillion catties, and strive to increase production.

In addition to deeply implementing the shared responsibility of the party and the government for food security and promoting the realization of all kinds of crops, many grain-producing areas are also developing backup resources such as saline-alkali land in an orderly manner to further consolidate the foundation of grain production capacity.

  In Longzhao Town, Da'an City, Jilin Province, although the outdoor temperature is still minus 20 degrees Celsius, the saline-alkali land improvement project is busy, with dozens of large machines shuttling back and forth to level the land.

  In order to strengthen scientific and technological support, this year, Zhengmai 136, Jimai 17 and other leading varieties with good production stability and strong stress resistance have further increased the planting area.

Major technologies such as precision sowing, side-deep fertilization, and simultaneous sowing of seed and fertilizer are also tested and promoted on more land, striving to significantly increase the yield of major grain and oil crops.

  In Tianshui, Gansu Province, the winter wheat has reached the critical period of turning green. The local agricultural department organized agricultural technicians to go to the fields to guide farmers to carry out operations such as suppressing moisture, intertillage and weeding.

  In order to ensure sufficient supply of agricultural materials for spring plowing this year, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives has further improved the working mechanism for ensuring the supply of agricultural materials, established a special class for ensuring the supply of agricultural materials, and actively established a three-level emergency guarantee system for agricultural materials at the provincial, city and county levels.

  The latest agricultural situation dispatch shows that the area of ​​winter wheat is expected to reach more than 330 million mu. The current growth is better than that of the previous year.