A lawyer for the president has revealed that the Department of Justice has searched a villa in the eastern state of Delaware in a problem where confidential documents have been found from the home of President Biden in the United States.

Regarding the issue of confidential documents found in President Biden's personal office and home, the Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate whether there was any illegality, independent of the administration.

A statement by President Biden's lawyers said the Justice Department's search was conducted on the morning of the 1st and lasted three and a half hours with the president's cooperation, and no classified documents were found.

The Justice Department has previously searched President Biden's personal office and home, and this time it will search the villa where the president sometimes spends his weekends.

Regarding this issue, despite the fact that a confidential document was found from a personal office just before the mid-term elections in November last year, President Biden did not disclose it until this year. has been increasingly criticized.