Regarding Prime Minister Kishida's announcement in the Diet last week that he would support reskilling and re-learning for those on childcare leave, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said that he does not intend to force re-learning, but to support those who wish to do so in every situation. I explained that it is important to strengthen the environment for

At the plenary session of the House of Councilors on the 27th of last week, Mr. Satoshi Oya of the Liberal Democratic Party said in relation to child-rearing policy, "It is possible to support those who acquire certain skills or obtain a degree through reskilling during maternity and childcare leave. If possible, it may be possible to advance one's career," Prime Minister Kishida said, adding, "Even in various situations, such as raising children, we will support those who take the initiative to re-learn." I answered.

This answer was criticized on social media, such as "It's the idea of ​​someone who hasn't raised a child," so Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference, "It's not the purpose of forcing reskilling during maternity or childcare leave." said.

On top of that, ``It is important to strengthen the development of an environment that can support students who want to re-learn at any stage of their life. I explained.