[Global Times Special Correspondent Aoki in Germany] "Brussels crazy salary increase." German "Bild" reported on the 5th that 50,000 EU employees can expect a second salary increase within 6 months: their salary will increase by 7 %.

As people across the European Union are currently struggling with high inflation, officials' pay rises have sparked controversy.

  According to reports, although EU officials already earn a lot of money, the EU will adjust the salaries of officials according to the inflation rate.

After two salary increases, the basic salary of European Commission President von der Leyen has increased by 2,044 euros (1 euro is about 7 yuan) compared with 2021, reaching 31,250 euros, exceeding 30,000 euros for the first time.

In addition to the basic salary, plus foreign allowances, von der Lein's total income is about 36,000 euros per month, and the daily salary exceeds 1,000 euros.

The income of ordinary members of the European Commission has also increased by 1,667 euros, up to a maximum of 25,475 euros per month.

Meanwhile, the allowances of the 705 MEPs were increased by nearly 700 euros to 10,495 euros per month.

The minimum basic salary for ordinary EU officials also rose by 214 euros to 3272 euros.

  According to the German TAG24 website, the salary increases of EU officials are all borne by the taxpayers of the EU countries, but under inflation, the salaries of ordinary German workers have not been adjusted.

Michael Yeager, secretary-general of the European Taxpayers Association, criticized this as "shameless self-service by the public sector" in July last year.

The leadership of the European Union has not set a good example by asking the people to save.

Yeager said this shows that the EU is far from its people.

  (Source: Global Times)