China News Agency, Hong Kong, December 31 (Reporter Liu Chenyao Suo Youwei Han Xingtong) On the eve of the New Year, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year's message in 2023, which mentioned: "I went to Hong Kong this year and saw that Hong Kong will be governed and prospered." I am very pleased. With the unswerving implementation of 'One Country, Two Systems', Hong Kong and Macau will surely enjoy long-term prosperity and stability." In this regard, people from all walks of life in Hong Kong expressed great encouragement.

  Tan Yaozong, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, told reporters from China News Agency on the evening of the 31st that Chairman Xi's New Year's message specifically mentioned Hong Kong, which also reflected the central government's concern and support for Hong Kong's development. When it is serious, President Xi himself came to Hong Kong to prove it.” He believes that Hong Kong can achieve today’s prosperity and stability, from chaos to order to order and prosperity, and the economy is also recovering, which depends on the central government’s decision-making and unwavering support.

  In his congratulatory speech, he mentioned that "tomorrow's China, strength comes from unity." Tam Yiu-chung believes that Hong Kong society must unite and move in the same direction.

When the line and policy are determined, Hong Kong society must unite to fully and accurately implement "one country, two systems", and contribute Hong Kong's strength to integrate into the overall development of the country and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

  Tam Yiu-chung hopes that the SAR government can create more opportunities for different social classes to come together and work together to build Hong Kong.

  Liao Changjiang, a non-official member of the Executive Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, told reporters that on July 1 this year, on the occasion of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, all Hong Kong citizens were honored and encouraged by President Xi Jinping's visit to Hong Kong.

He said that Hong Kong is entering a period of governance and prosperity. Chairman Xi's visit to Hong Kong has not only laid a solid foundation for the long-term adherence to "one country, two systems", but also the "four musts" in Chairman Xi's important speech. Steady and long-term progress points out the direction, and the "Four Points of Hope" is the action plan for the SAR to move forward in the future.

  Liao Changjiang also noticed that Chairman Xi also mentioned youth in his New Year's message.

He bluntly said that in tomorrow's China, hope is placed on young people, and in tomorrow's Hong Kong, hope is also placed on young people. "The prosperity of the youth leads to the prosperity of the country" and even the famous saying that the development of the country, including the development of Hong Kong, cannot be separated from the participation and responsibility of young people.

Liao Changjiang believes that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will uphold Chairman Xi's important speech, and devote itself to cultivating young people's patriotism, good character, and courage to become the masters of the times, contribute youthful vitality to the Chinese nation, and live up to the times and years.

  Ye Jianming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Hong Kong, said that President Xi's special mention of Hong Kong in his New Year's message shows that the central government is highly concerned about Hong Kong and is always concerned about Hong Kong's development and progress.

President Xi's speech gave all walks of life greater confidence in building and developing Hong Kong and unswervingly implementing "One Country, Two Systems".

He believes that under the patriots ruling Hong Kong, Hong Kong has a good momentum of governance and prosperity, the SAR government is active and promising, and the executive-legislative relationship is on the right track.

Under the fight against the epidemic, Hong Kong's market has recovered, and the people's life is normal, and they have greater hope for tomorrow.

  "Chairman Xi is concerned about Hong Kong, and he specifically mentioned Hong Kong in his New Year's message, giving us confidence and motivation. I believe that the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people will think in one place and work hard in one place. If we work together in the same boat and unite as one, there is nothing we can't do. It is a hurdle that cannot be overcome.” Kuang Meiyun, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Hong Kong, told reporters that unity is strength, as long as you have full confidence, faith and belief in the motherland, and carry forward the spirit of Lion Rock, Hong Kong will definitely get better and better!

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