Thus, 68% of the survey participants called Olivier the king of the table.

The majority, according to tradition, will cut a doctorate into it (61%).

At the same time, as experts said, it is followed by herring under a fur coat (21%).

In addition, as analysts from the AlfaStrakhovanie group found out, Russians called champagne (97% considered it obligatory), sausage cuts, cheese plates (19% each), tangerines (15%) as integral attributes of the New Year's table.

Many survey participants suggested that they would not be fond of sausage cuts: they would stop at meat cuts and make them themselves (11% answered so).

The respondents also plan to cook roast poultry - chicken, duck and goose (47%).

Garnish with potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Of the drinks, juices, sweet sodas and mineral water (43%) are planned.

From strong alcohol - vodka (29%), cognac (17%), whiskey (8%) and rum (3%).

It is noted that less than 4% of Russians do not plan to drink alcohol. 

According to the survey, since last year, the attitude of respondents to the formation of the menu for the New Year's table has changed.

It turned out that many want to give up salads with store-bought mayonnaise, reduce fried foods and minimize sweets - 13% of respondents answered this way.

In total, more than 1.2 thousand people from 25 to 50 years old took part in the survey.

Earlier, analysts found out what promises Russians plan to make to themselves in the New Year.