Ali Mirazimi is a professor at the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Karolinska Institutet.

He also works at the Norwegian Veterinary Medical Institute and the Public Health Agency.

From 4 p.m. you can ask him your questions.

Chat with Ali Mirazimi

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Yesterday 16:30

Then we thank you for all the interesting questions and end this chat.

Jonas Ekman


Yesterday 16:28

Wondering •

How far has the research on impaired sense of taste and smell linked to covid-19 come?

It is progressing, but it takes time to understand how it all works and why some people get it and not others

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:27

Anonymous •


Have a baby in a few months.

Should one avoid other children at Christmas in view of the RS virus?

Can my child meet adults who are unvaccinated against covid 19?

In general, it is good to avoid infection or becoming infected.

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:26

Sam •


would you say that it is stupid to get vaccinated against the flu if you don't belong to a risk group?

No, you can get really sick from influenza, so getting vaccinated is good if you want to avoid getting really sick

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:25

Mr. B •

Does research know how many times we can get covid?

Probably quite a lot of times.

but we don't have such analyses.. We know about the virus only since 2020

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:24

Katarina •


Everyone in my family got sick last Friday with fever and cold.

Today we are fever free but still have a runny nose and cough.

Christmas Eve with older relatives is planned with us.

Are we to believe that we are infection-free then and how do you actually know that you are no longer contagious?


A difficult question.

You have to wait and check the situation in a couple of days.

you should preferably be healthy and the elderly vaccinated

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:23

Teddy Bear •

China has released its far-reaching covid-19 restrictions.

Now will that result in a wave of new variants of the virus?

We have seen that when the virus spreads quickly and on a larger scale, there is a risk that new variants appear

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:22

Siham •


Are there vaccines against RS virus and calicivirus?

If no, is vaccine production underway in the near future?

Against RS we have some good candidates one that has gone through Phase III clinical trials.. so hopefully in the near future we will have a vaccine against RS.

However, the situation is more difficult with Calicivirus

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:20

Filip •

Shouldn't the healthcare system have had time to anticipate and plan for these virus peaks?

Feels like they've been taken to bed...

Both yes and no - When there are many different viruses in progress that both affect society as a whole and also directly the healthcare system (sick leave in connection with infection), it becomes difficult to plan ... staff shortage.

Since then, healthcare has struggled for almost 3 years with COVID-19

Ali Mirazimi

Yesterday 16:17

Johanna •

Asks like Eva.

How do you know if you carry the RS virus?

Is there any test?

Yes, there are tests performed by the healthcare system.

As an adult and healthy, you only get cold symptoms

Ali Mirazimi