The German "Welt" channel broadcast a report linking the players of the Moroccan national football team to the Islamic State (ISIS), because they raised their index finger to celebrate their victory over Portugal in the quarter-finals of the "Qatar 2022" World Cup, which sparked anger on social networks. .

The report, published by the German channel, Monday, December 12, 2022, showed a picture of 3 players from the Moroccan national team, who carried the Moroccan flag and raised their index finger in the dressing room.

The German broadcaster described that image as "angry and provocative," justifying that by raising the index finger is the same signal used by "Islamic State militants after their conquests," as he put it, indicating that he is not sure if the "Atlas Lions" players mean to support "Any terrorist organization" using the "Signal of Monotheism".

Tweeters denounced Welt's report, which carried "inflammatory" messages from its enemy, stressing that raising the index finger among Muslims is a sign of monotheism, and that the German attack reflects "racism, ignorance, and a superior look."

Is das widerlich!

Da schafft ein Außenseiter-Team eine Sensation und laut @welt gibt es eine Geste?

Unterirdisch und das Wort Journalismus nicht wert.

Springer weiter on its way to Fox News.

— Dominik (@dieserDopo) December 13, 2022

Rashad al-Hindi, who introduces himself as a German-Palestinian director, tweeted a picture showing players from the German national team, politicians, and the Pope raising their index finger.

Hey @Welt ☝🏽🤡

- Rashad Alhindi (@RashadAlhindi) December 12, 2022

As for the Jordanian journalist and writer Tariq Bey, he strongly denounced the German report, saying, "People all over the world raise their fingers in celebration, but only when it comes to Muslims is that terrorist."

Es beginnt schon mit der Behauptung, ein Foto würde für „Irritationen“ sorgen.

Das ist ein völlig erfundenener Anlass.

Nirgendwo gab es „Irritationen“, die gibt es erst jetzt durch die Hetze eventuell.

Denn nirgendwo sonst war man bislang so ungebildet, so etwas zu behaupten.

- Tarek Bae (@Tarek_Bae) December 12, 2022

Greek writer and researcher Rene Wildangel tweeted, "It was not enough to describe Moroccans as anti-Semitic because of the Palestinian flags. Fate discovered that they are ISIS terrorists because they also have an index finger."

So, calling Moroccans anti-Semites because of 🇵🇸 isn't enough... @welt discovered they are ISIS-terrorists because they have an index finger too...🙈 You would hope that's satire - well it's not.

But then hey, Islamophobia is just an invention by Islamists and the left, right...?

- René Wildangel (@real_wildangel) December 13, 2022

One of the tweeters attached a picture of the former Brazilian national soccer legend, Ronaldo, raising his index finger in celebration of scoring a goal.

I knew it.

R9 was an ISIS member all along.

Thanks for opening my eyes!

— Yamz.

(@MapleGlazed_) December 13, 2022

Another tweet also attached a picture of the Argentine player, Messi, raising his index finger as well.


Ihr seid da auf etwas ganz großem auf der Spur.

Über den folgenden Spieler solltet ihr ebenfalls recherchieren

- Kaan Daima (@kaandmglr) December 12, 2022

And last Saturday, the Moroccan national team players were attacked by the German press, as the German newspaper "Taz" accused the "Atlas Lions" players of "anti-Semitism."

WM-Außenseiter Marokko muss man einfach mögen - oder et wa nicht?

Dass der Freude eine antisemitische Note beigemischt wird, macht die Sache schwierig.

- taz (@tazzgezwitscher) December 10, 2022

The newspaper expressed its dismay at the "Palestinian solidarity" that was evident in the World Cup, claiming that the players and fans hoisting the Palestinian flag during their celebration of victory represents "adding an anti-Semitic flavor to that joy."