Taiwan's TSMC, the world's largest contract manufacturer of semiconductors, announced on the 6th that it will build another new factory near the factory it is building in Arizona, the western United States, aiming to start operations in 2024. .

From 2026, this factory plans to produce products with a circuit width of 3 nanometers, which are the most advanced semiconductors currently mass-produced in the world.

With the construction of the two plants, TSMC's investment in Arizona will reach $40 billion, or 5.5 trillion yen.

In order to compete with China, the Biden administration wants to change the current situation in which the production of advanced semiconductors is concentrated in Taiwan and promote the expansion of production in the United States. We are enacting a law to promote the domestic production of semiconductors by investing more than 7 trillion yen.

For this reason, we welcome TSMC's announcement this time as "the largest overseas investment ever."

TSMC has decided to build a semiconductor factory in Kumamoto Prefecture with subsidies from the Japanese government, and with the Taiwan emergency in mind, it distributes production facilities to places other than Taiwan with the support of the governments of each country. We have made our policy clear.