Reconstruction Minister Akiba said, ``I have not seen the letter of complaint, so I commented on the accusation letter issued by a university professor on the suspicion that paying compensation to a public secretary in the House of Representatives election last year violated the Public Offices Election Law. I can't help it,' he said.

In the House of Representatives election last year, Reconstruction Minister Akiba paid 200,000 yen to two of his public secretaries to campaign. Due to suspicion, I sent a letter of accusation from Minister Akiba and others to the Sendai District Public Prosecutors Office.

Regarding this, Minister Akiba said at a press conference, ``I know that it was reported in the news, but I have not seen the accusation letter at all, and I do not know the contents, so I cannot comment.''

Minister Akiba has so far explained that the two are legally recognized ``vehicle campaigners'' and that there is no illegality in paying remuneration.