Members of Parliament John E Weinerhall and Viktor Warnick, M, write that:

There are thus good reasons to believe that uranium mining now and in the future could be profitable.

Not least, it would also be positive from a security point of view if Sweden could be self-sufficient in uranium.

In addition, it could be a good export opportunity to other countries.

They believe that uranium mining will be an important part of securing Sweden's future energy supply.

Concern in Berg municipality

In SVT Jämtland's latest publications, several people have expressed concern that the ban on uranium mining that was made in the Minerals Act 2018 could be changed again and that the municipal veto against uranium mining could also be lifted.

"After all, only a Riksdag decision is needed to change that as well."

says Anders Olof Öhlén, Berg municipality.

The concern is based on the fact that Sweden's new government has been clear that nuclear power must be an important part of the country's energy supply and that the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia have made it clear that there can be a point in extracting important minerals in Sweden.

Want uranium mining to be possible again

In 2013, the municipalities of Östersund, Berg, Krokom and Åre agreed to jointly say no to uranium mining in the area.

The background was that many municipal representatives and citizens judged that uranium mining in the area would have a major environmental impact with far-reaching consequences for nature, agriculture and drinking water in the area.

When the government introduced the ban on uranium mining in 2018, it was welcomed in the municipalities around Storsjön.

But in the current Riksdag motion, it is proposed that the Minerals Act be changed back to what applied before 2018.

The Minerals Act should therefore return to its original wording regarding uranium that applied before the change on August 1, 2018, so that uranium mining becomes possible again in Sweden,

writes John E Weinerhall and Viktor Warnick in the proposal to the Riksdag.

Here is the entire motion: Uranium mining in Sweden