Nearly 100 million rural poor people across the country have been lifted out of poverty, the economic aggregate ranks second in the world, and the world's largest high-speed railway network and expressway network have been built... A set of data reflects the extraordinary achievements of the past 10 years.

What expectations do young people have for the future development of the country?

  Recently, a survey of 3,012 young people participated in a survey released by the Social Survey Center of China Youth Daily and the questionnaire network ( showed that the future in the eyes of the young respondents is: a more civilized and harmonious society, and a more prosperous and stable country.

90.6% of the young people surveyed believe that their future life will be better than the present.

  Among the respondents of this survey, post-00s accounted for 29.2%, post-95s accounted for 20.0%, post-90s accounted for 28.7%, post-85s accounted for 11.0%, and post-80s accounted for 11.2%.

The future in the eyes of the interviewed young people: a more civilized and harmonious society, and a more prosperous and stable country

  "I imagine that in the future China, the people will have stronger cohesion, the country will be more prosperous and strong, and it will have more say in the world, making the world a better place." 22-year-old Yang Zaifei felt that the country's strength in all aspects over the past few years has With a significant improvement, "many electronic equipment made in China occupies a large share of the global market. Many high-end technologies, we once lag behind other countries, can now keep pace with or even surpass other countries."

  As a postgraduate student at the Institute of Computing Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Zaifei's Institute of Computer Science has a research team that is studying how to make Chinese own chips, and is committed to solving the problem of chip "stuck neck", "I believe that more and more With the attention and efforts of people, breakthroughs will be made and the country will no longer be controlled by others."

  After graduating from university in 1995, Liu Li chose to return to his hometown for development. Now he works as the assistant to the village party secretary in Penglai Village, Niuchang Buyi Township, Baiyun District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

After coming to Penglai Village for more than a year, she saw the new look of the countryside. "As a demonstration site for rural revitalization, the village is vigorously developing tourism and building a vegetable and fruit planting base, which is more vibrant."

  What does the future of the country look like in the eyes of the youth?

The survey shows that 65.3% of the surveyed youth believe that the society is more civilized and harmonious, and 63.8% of the surveyed youth believe that the country will be more prosperous and stable.

58.5% of the surveyed young people believe that high technology is more commonly used in life.

Next is: the common people are richer (57.3%), and there are clear waters and green mountains everywhere (56.6%).

  Others include: core technology breaks through foreign blockades (51.2%), education is more balanced and fair (49.7%), Chinese culture is popular in the world (44.2%), rural areas are more beautiful and popular (41.5%), and complete unification (39.8%) ), have more voice in the world (37.6%), and more people take root in the west (27.6%).

  Jiang Boru, a postgraduate student majoring in investigative science at the People's Public Security University of China, witnessed the grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China in Tiananmen Square last year. "I am very excited and honored to be able to participate in such a grand event. When I started "Singing the Motherland," my heart was surging, and I really felt that our country was getting stronger and more prosperous."

  This year, Jiang Boru signed up for the College Student Volunteer Service to the West Program and became a college student volunteer supporting the West. "I hope to go to the frontier of the motherland while I'm young and make a contribution."

Jiang Boru feels that the western part of the motherland will definitely be more attractive in the future. "Now there are more college students signing up for the western plan every year, and more and more people stay in the western region. There will definitely be more young people going to the western region in the future. , an exhibition director."

61.9% of the surveyed youth expect to persevere and punish corruption with a zero-tolerance attitude

  After graduating from North China Electric Power University as a graduate student this year, An Kai was admitted to a transfer student in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and is now a grass-roots civil servant in Zhengding Town, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province.

An Kai feels that in recent years, the country has vigorously cracked down on corruption and insisted on fighting tigers and flies, and the political ecology has greatly improved. "This makes me believe that as long as individuals are steadfast, hardworking and persistent in their work, there will be enough. growing space".

Ankai hopes that the country will continue to strengthen anti-corruption efforts, severely punish corruption with a zero-tolerance attitude, and always remind public officials to take the road of serving the people.

  What areas do youth expect to continue to improve in the future?

According to the survey, 61.9% of the surveyed youths hope to persevere with integrity and discipline, and severely punish corruption with a zero-tolerance attitude, 56.5% of the surveyed youths hope to stabilize housing prices, and 56.2% of the surveyed youths expect to continue to balance educational resources and implement educational equity. .

  Yang Li, who works in colleges and universities, hopes that in the future, the distribution of educational resources in my country will be more balanced, and the gap between urban and rural areas will be further narrowed, "so that more people will have equal opportunities to receive education."

Yang Li has studied abroad for several years. She feels that some countries have a very mature training system in vocational education, graduates can be engaged in technical jobs, and their wages and social status are also higher. Perfect and three-dimensional educational forms and educational paths will give young people more paths to choose from."

In addition, in terms of employment, Yang Li hopes to have more and more standardized professional training, so that college students can have a clearer career plan and more choices when looking for a job.

  Jiang Boru hopes that the state can provide more support for youth in employment and create more jobs, so that every youth can find their own position and work hard in suitable positions.

  The expectations of the interviewed young people are: balancing medical resources, solving difficult and expensive medical treatment (55.9%); controlling ecological environment pollution (55.7%); speeding up the construction of smart cities and completely relieving traffic congestion (42.3%); reducing childcare costs, Build a "birth-friendly society" (41.9%); strengthen food and drug safety (41.8%); further improve universal social security and medical insurance (41.2%); accelerate the construction of an elderly care service system (37.2%); further improve judicial credibility (28.6%) ; Make the national mainstream media bigger and stronger (26.3%).

  Penglai Village, where Liu Li is located, is now exploring a road to rural revitalization. "The village is consolidating and developing the existing strawberry, bayberry, grape and other organic vegetable and fruit bases, expanding the tourism industry, and striving to realize the integration of production, supply and marketing."

Liu Li hopes that a professional team can provide direction control, technical training and professional guidance for the industrial development of the village, so that industrial revitalization can lead to rural revitalization.

For the left-behind children in the countryside, Liu Li hopes to attract more attention from the society. While doing a good job in traditional education, he will offer more courses to expand their horizons, and build a warm station, so that they can feel the care from all sides.

Over 90% of the young people surveyed believe that their future life will be better than the present

  In her early 30s, Yang Li decided to make a career transition and is now an administrative teacher at a university in Beijing.

In the past 10 years, Yang Li has experienced college graduation, studying abroad, and returning to work in China. Along the way, she is very satisfied with her current state, "I have used what I have learned and my personal value has been realized." Yang Li said, "I believe that My future life will definitely be better. I hope that in the next 5 years, I will make further progress in the workplace, and at the same time balance my family, life and career, I can live a happier, more comfortable and more rewarding life.”

  The survey shows that 90.6% of the young people surveyed believe that their future life will be better than the present.

The interactive analysis found that the proportion of young respondents who were born in 2000 was even higher, at 92.0%.

  "In the future, not only will personal life get better and better, but the country will also develop and progress. I am very confident in this." Jiang Boru believes that although some Western countries have tried to impose trade wars and technological restrictions in recent years on my country's Development is blocked and suppressed, but as long as each of us is willing to fight, I believe that nothing can stop the pace of our country's development.

  After working and living in the village for more than a year, Liu Li is not only satisfied with his living conditions, but also full of confidence and expectation for the future development of the countryside.

Liu Li felt that compared with ten years ago, the rural areas now have undergone a qualitative leap and development, and the villages are more beautiful and more dynamic. "I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the rural areas will be revitalized, and it will be A beautiful scene of greater stability, greater harmony, greater abundance."

  China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily trainee reporter Wang Zhiwei and trainee Zhang Jiayue (Source: China Youth Daily)