China News Service, September 30. According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Montreal, respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. On the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival, the Chinese Consulate General in Montreal once again reminded Chinese citizens in the consular area to pay attention: The consulate has set up a "green channel" for the processing of consular documents, assisting the elderly in the consular area and other Chinese citizens in need to handle passport renewal and pension qualification certification, and help everyone solve the problem of certificate application.

  Eligibility: 1. The permanent residence is Quebec and New Brunswick, Canada; 2. The Chinese passport is damaged or the validity period is less than one year, and the passport needs to be replaced or the passport needs to be reissued due to the loss of the passport, and the pension cannot be processed through the Chinese consular APP Qualification certification or other urgent certification needs.

  Audience: 1. Chinese citizens who do not have or cannot use smartphones; 2. Those who need to apply for a travel permit to return to China due to the loss, theft or damage of their passports during their visit to Canada with a temporary visitor visa; Persons who need to apply for a travel permit to return to China for humanitarian reasons such as emergency medical treatment; 4. Persons with other special emergency needs.

  How to apply: 1. If you have difficulty using the Chinese consular APP, you can email your passport number, name, date of birth, contact number, and a description of the situation. It is recommended to attach a copy of the passport information page; 2. If you have passed the Chinese consular APP If you submit an application and you really need it urgently, you can email your passport number, name, contact number, and the reasons for applying for a permit in advance.

  Please indicate in the subject of the email: "green channel + XXX (your name)". After receiving the email, our staff will take the initiative to contact you to inform you of the handling process.

  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the certificate processing, you can also submit them by email, and our embassy will give feedback in time.

  Application and consultation email:

  Consultation Hotline for Chinese Citizens: 1-514-935-6556 (Monday to Friday, 1:00-5:00 pm, excluding Chinese and Canadian holidays)