South Korean President Yoon Seong-yeol, who was visiting New York for the United Nations General Assembly, was captured by TV cameras and has been criticized in South Korea as it spreads on the Internet.

South Korea's opposition parties intensify their criticism while the government struggles to put out the fire.

South Korean President Yoon Sung-ryul attended a meeting hosted by President Biden in New York on the 21st, which he was visiting in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly.

At this time, the words he spoke to his ministers were captured by television cameras, and the images spread all at once on the Internet.

South Korean media has pointed out that President Yoon used abusive language such as "this bastard" and pointed out that he was referring to a member of the US Congress.

South Korea's opposition parties are increasingly criticizing it, saying, "The dignity of the nation has been greatly impaired" and "It is a blasphemy to our allies."

On the other hand, the South Korean government is rushing to put out the fire, saying, ``The remarks were not about a member of the US Congress, but a concern about the South Korean opposition party.''

President Yoon wanted to highlight his visit to New York as a diplomatic achievement, giving his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly the day before, on the 20th. It is a form of stumbling with remarks.