The wealth of high-ranking officials appointed by the government has been revealed.

Kim So-young, vice chairman of the Financial Services Commission, reported 29.2 billion won including unlisted stocks, showing the highest amount of wealth.

First of all, this is reporter Kim Sang-min.


Today (26th), the Public Service Ethics Committee released the property registration information of 184 people, including 32 major high-ranking public officials in the Yun Seok-yeol government, including the incumbent minister.

This is the first time that high-ranking public officials in the new government have been disclosed to public officials who have been appointed or resigned during the first month of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration's term in May.

Among incumbents, Kim So-young, vice chairman of the Financial Services Commission, has the most wealth at 29.2 billion won.

Unlisted stocks accounted for a significant portion of total assets at around KRW 20 billion, and job-related review is currently underway.

Minister of Science, Technology and Information, Lee Jong-ho, who reported about 16.04 billion won, succeeded Kim, and Kim Tae-hyo, first deputy director of the National Security Office, registered the third most wealth with 12.06 billion won.

Among retirees, former Minister of Legislation and Legislation, Lee Kang-seop, had the most wealth at 2,779 million won, while former Vice Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Gyeong-sun and former member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Korea Lim Ji-won received 13.13 billion won and 9.77 billion won, respectively. Reported and placed in the top three.

The wealth of former President Moon Jae-in, who resigned as President Yoon took office, stood at 2.56 billion won, an increase of 370 million won from when the regular property changes were made public in March.

The Government Official Ethics Committee will disclose the assets of the current government officials appointed after June sequentially every month.