China News Service, August 23. According to the WeChat public account of "Africa Times", on August 21, local time, the Pretoria Chinese Police and Civilian Cooperation Center in South Africa held a grand meeting in the Times Square Conference Hall in the administrative capital of Tshwane. At the inauguration ceremony of the first board of directors and supervisors, Wang Jianbin served as the first director. This is also the 14th Chinese police-civilian cooperation center established in South Africa.

  As the first director, Wang Jianbin delivered a speech on behalf of the Pretoria Chinese Police-Civil Cooperation Center in South Africa. He said that although Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, its social security situation is still grim, with hundreds of overseas Chinese living in Various areas of Pretoria are also often plagued by security factors.

Based on the current social situation, after more than a year of preparatory work, the center was officially established with the guidance and help of all parties.

  Director Wang Jianbin said that the Pretoria Chinese Police-civilian Cooperation Center will definitely uphold its service tenet. Under the guidance of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, with the help of the South African Chinese Police-civilian Cooperation Center and various overseas Chinese groups, it will closely strengthen cooperation with the local community. Contact and communicate with police departments at all levels, and actively carry out community police cooperation; strengthen cooperation with Chinese-language media through convenient online platforms, and timely release and transmit various safety information reminders; continuously improve and expand the scope of various services to guide The cadres and members of the center actively integrate into the local society and give back to the local society; they wholeheartedly solve problems for the overseas Chinese in the capital region, and do their best to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the overseas Chinese.

  South African National Criminal Investigation Director Masai Kelly and Gauteng CPF Chairman Marcellera also delivered speeches on behalf of the police and community policing forums. At the same time, he also pointed out that only by strengthening cooperation with the police at all levels in South Africa can we effectively combat local crimes. We hope that the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation in the future to jointly combat crimes and protect the lives and properties of overseas Chinese in South Africa. legitimate interests.

  Li Xinzhu, director of the South African Chinese Police-civilian Cooperation Center, said that the birth of the Pretoria Chinese Police-civilian Cooperation Center is a great event worthy of joy and celebration.

It is hoped that under the leadership of Director Wang Jianbin, the center will actively play its functional role, closely unite the police and civilian centers of various provinces and cities across the country and various Chinese associations, learn from each other's work experience in protecting overseas Chinese, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, give full play to its unique advantages, and do its due diligence to meet the situation. Provide assistance to the best of our ability to overseas Chinese in distress.

He also mentioned in particular that in order to deal with increasingly severe emergencies such as roadblocks, burglary, kidnapping and extortion, traffic accidents, etc., the center has recently launched a network security service platform "one-click alarm" device, hoping that overseas Chinese can actively participate in the Safe network service platform, one more guarantee for its safety.