On August 15, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily learned from the Wuhan Supercomputing Center that the center was officially connected to the "China Computing Network".

Previously, the three-story box structure of Wuhan Supercomputing Center has been capped, and glass curtain wall keels are being installed, and equipment and pipelines are being jointly adjusted.

It is also the largest container supercomputing center in my country.

Super brain "connected to the grid" service

  The computing power of the first phase of Wuhan Supercomputing Center will reach 50P, and the overall planning and design will be based on 200P computing power.

Luo Qing, head of Wuhan Supercomputing Center, introduced that 50P computing power is equivalent to the computing power of 100,000 high-performance computers. Its technical base is composed of tens of thousands of core Kunpeng processor cores and thousands of accelerator cards.

  "China Computing Network" is a computing network plan promoted by Pengcheng Laboratory in accordance with the requirements of relevant national ministries and commissions under the national "East Digital and Western Computing" project and the national integrated computing network layout.

"China Computing Network" has extensively combined national-level intelligent computing centers, supercomputing centers and national integrated computing network hub nodes to promote the coordinated scheduling and efficient computing of large-scale computing power across the country, and better serve the major strategy of "East Digital and Western Computing" .

  At present, from east to west, across north and south, there are many computing power platforms in Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Shaoguan, Wuhan, Jinan, Qingdao, etc. connected to China Computing Network, Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center and Wuhan Supercomputing Center are connected into the program.

  This year, the "East and West" project was officially launched.

Professor Feng Dan, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, believes that, as the geographic center and network center of Digital China, Wuhan's access to the "China Computing Network" will help improve the "East Digital and Western Computing" cascade computing power scheduling. system, and make better use of the comparative advantages of Wuhan's scientific and educational talents. For example, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan University have strong scientific research capabilities in distributed computing, mass storage, artificial intelligence computing power platform, and big data technology.

  The second phase of Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center was completed and put into use in February this year, and the computing power has increased to 200P.

In the future, Wuhan Supercomputing Center and Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center will form a joint force to create a diversified computing power cluster of AI+HPC, empower thousands of industries, and cultivate new momentum for economic development.

Containerized data centers may become mainstream

  The structure of Wuhan Supercomputing Center consists of two parts: prefabricated modular integrated installation and steel structure, of which the data room part adopts prefabricated modular integrated installation.

  Luo Qing introduced that the center is constructed with prefabricated modular boxes. There are a total of 61 prefabricated modular boxes. Each box is about 12.2 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 4.2 meters high. 20 boxes.

  Why choose container construction?

Gong Zheng, the relevant person in charge of the center, introduced that the center adopts Huawei's prefabricated modular integrated installation. During the design of the box, all equipment, bridges, pipelines, etc. have been placed in the design, and a BIM model has been established. Simulate presets for optimal configuration.

Make corresponding reservations in the container production process.

At the same time, the project civil construction and equipment integration installation are carried out at the same time, which greatly shortens the construction period.

  Gong Zheng said that with the support of a large technical team, Huawei is at the forefront of the country in container integration solutions. Compared with the traditional construction model, these solutions reduce the process of post-positioning, optimization, and re-positioning. As the country's first prefabricated solution A modular supercomputing center construction project, and they are exploring this construction model with Huawei.

In the future, as the BIM model matures, more data centers will be installed in the container model.

  According to reports, Wuhan Supercomputing Center is the country's first diversified cloud-based computing power cluster integrating artificial intelligence and supercomputing, and the country's first high-quality supercomputing development demonstration highland that coordinates scientific research innovation and industrial development. It is rooted in Wuhan and faces central China. , Integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HPC (High Performance Computing) two computing resources, it has advantages in technological advancement and service convenience.

  Reporter Wu Chunxin Correspondent Wu Fei