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At least

42 people have died

in the Philippines as a result of the passage of a tropical storm that has devastated the central part of the archipelago, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

In its latest update, the National Council for Disaster Risk Management and Reduction has stated that more than 17,000 people have been evacuated to temporary centers set up by the authorities.


storm Megi

, baptized in the Philippines as


, entered the east coast of the country in a north-westerly direction on Sunday,

causing floods and landslides

in the archipelagos of Visayas and Mindadao, in the center and south of the country.

In total, some

139,000 people

have been affected by the storm, accounting

for more than 286 floods

throughout the country.

The storm, which has lost strength and intensity, is currently near the eastern island of Samar.

Megi is the

first major storm

to hit the disaster-prone country in 2022, which records an average of

20 typhoons each year


In December, Typhoon Rai, the most powerful to hit the Philippines last year, left

at least 409 dead


while Typhoon Haiyán, the largest to have made landfall, caused

some 7,000 deaths

throughout the archipelago in November 2013.

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