He had been placed in police custody on Tuesday, the day after the discovery of the lifeless body of a woman in his apartment in Quimper (Finistère).

On Thursday, a homeless man was charged with murder.

Judicial police investigators suspect him of having killed a 52-year-old woman, whose lifeless body was found on Monday by a friend who was worried about not having heard from her.

According to the Brest prosecutor's office, the accused is a 40-year-old homeless man.

It would seem that the latter was hosted by the victim, even if the context remains to be clarified.

The exact circumstances of the death are not yet known but injuries have been noted on the victim's body.

Aged 52, she was the mother of five children.

Another 56-year-old man was placed under assisted witness status and is subject to judicial review.

The main suspect was remanded in custody.


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