At least 95 people were injured on Monday, most lightly, in a collision between two trains in the south of the capital Tunis, Tunisia, Civil Defense said.

"The collision between two trains left 95 injured who were taken to hospitals," Civil Defense spokesman Moez Treaa told AFP, adding that one of the trains was carrying passengers while the second was empty.

The accident took place in Jbel Jelloud, in the southern suburbs of the capital.

Causes still unknown

The causes of the collision were not immediately known.

According to the spokesman, most of the injured suffered from broken bones and no serious cases are to be deplored.

In December 2016, five people were killed and more than 50 injured in the same area in a collision between a public transport bus and a train, due to faulty infrastructure.

Tunisia had experienced in June 2015 one of the most serious rail dramas in its recent history, with the death of 18 people in an accident between a train and a truck in El Fahes, about sixty kilometers south of Tunis.

This collision was due to a signaling fault at the level crossing.


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