China News Service, Beijing, March 19th (Ma Shuisha) The second lecture of the "Tiangong Classroom" of the Chinese Space Station will start on the 23rd. The Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew recently sent a video invitation to the ground to watch the live lecture.

Through the video, people found that the astronauts have "got fat" because the "space food" is too good?

Shenzhou 12 crew astronaut Nie Haisheng explained the reason in an interview with the media recently.

  Nie Haisheng, who used to "go to space three times", said that becoming "puffy" in space is actually a normal physiological reaction.

After weightlessness, body fluids need to be redistributed and distributed more to the head, so astronauts will look fatter; in addition, because human muscles also have weight, when on the ground, the muscles are subjected to downward force, and in space , because the muscles lose the gravitational traction, there will also be a "skinning" cosmetic effect.

  "The more important reason is the effect of weightlessness on the distribution of body fluids in the human body." Nie Haisheng said that over time, after astronauts adapt to the weightless environment, this situation will improve.

He pointed out that in space, everything is interesting. Drifting, drinking, eating, and even sleeping in a zero-gravity environment are very different from those on the ground.

  Nie Haisheng said that only after he left the ground did he feel how lingering and beautiful the earth is. Looking at the earth from space, it can be found that the earth is very small in the universe. We should cherish and build the beautiful earth on which human beings live.

  It is understood that the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew is about to complete a six-month in-orbit mission and return to the ground in mid-April.

Since entering the Chinese space station in October 2021, the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew has completed two out-of-vehicle missions, the first in-space lecture on the Chinese space station, and the first Chinese New Year's Eve and Lantern Festival in space.