Alexandre Chauveau 6:22 a.m., January 18, 2022

In a text published this Tuesday for the faithful, the Conference of Bishops of France sent some political messages for the presidential election.

Without giving any voting instructions or any candidate, the text, which Europe 1 was able to consult, however calls on the faithful to go and vote and recalls the position of the Church on a certain number of subjects.


The Conference of Bishops of France publishes this Tuesday a declaration, entitled "Hope does not disappoint", not to give voting instructions, but to enlighten Catholics as the presidential election approaches.

Europe 1 was able to consult this document of about sixty pages.


 Migrants: for the Church, "we must welcome and help those who need it most"

First, the text calls on Catholics to vote.

The text even speaks of a duty.

Then, the document delivers elements of reflection on a whole series of subjects, including the end of life, which cannot be treated according to the text "neither with therapeutic relentlessness, nor with euthanasia".

The Church recalls the values ​​of sharing

There is also talk of extending the legal duration of voluntary termination of pregnancy, described as "violence against society", or the inclusion of people with disabilities. A question recently brought to the fore by a controversial statement by Eric Zemmour. The Conference of Bishops of France does not take sides with any candidate, but recalls its attachment to the values ​​of sharing: "withdrawing into oneself leads neither to peace nor to happiness", is it written in the document.

Overall, the notion of living together is highlighted.

The law on separatism passed last year is thus seen as an attack on freedom of worship and the meeting between different religions considered as "an opportunity for the future".

Finally, the document warns about the debt, the technocratic excess of the European Union, or the need to be generous with migrants.

“The approaching deadlines will be crucial, but fear is always a bad advisor”, concludes the text.