China News Service, January 4 (Reporter Chen Jing) Aunt Fan, 62, has been suffering from "frozen shoulder" for more than half a year. After trying various methods such as exercise, hot compress and massage, the pain has worsened.

In the outpatient department of Sports Medicine Department of Shanghai First People's Hospital, after a series of professional examinations, the doctor uncovered the mystery of Aunt Fan's "frozen shoulder".

  Chen Jixuan, deputy director of the Orthopedic Clinical Medicine Center and director of the Sports Medicine Department of Shanghai First People's Hospital, told reporters in an interview on the 4th that it turned out that Aunt Fan had a rotator cuff injury.

In fact, not all shoulder pain is hidden behind shoulder pain.

The expert said bluntly: "Rotator cuff injury looks like a'niche', not as'famous' as frozen shoulder. In fact, about 60% of shoulder pain is caused by it!"

  Because rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder have symptoms of shoulder pain, they are often misjudged by patients themselves.

In fact, the two have obvious differences in clinical manifestations, disease outcome, and treatment methods.

According to Chen Jixu, "frozen shoulder" is also called "frozen shoulder". It occurs in people around the age of 50. In addition to shoulder pain, it mainly manifests as shoulder stiffness and inability to move. It usually lasts for one and a half years. Left and right can heal itself.

Due to the self-limiting nature of "frozen shoulder", the symptoms can be relieved by stretching, massage, physical therapy, etc., waiting for self-healing.

  According to reports, the rotator cuff is a group of tendons, which belong to people’s popular perception of "muscles. Our shoulders can be flexibly rotated, raised, and lowered, etc., all of which are due to the rotator cuff." "Rotator cuff injury" It mostly occurs in middle-aged and elderly people, and is more common in people over 60 years old, and may be accompanied by trauma. It is understood that the pain of rotator cuff injury mainly occurs when the shoulder joint is active. The pain is more obvious at night than during the day, and shoulders may also appear. The phenomenon of weakness. Chen Jixu said bluntly, because the damaged rotator cuff in the "rotator cuff injury" cannot be repaired by itself, improper treatment may cause the damage to expand, and some may even seriously affect the structure and function of the shoulder joint. Shoulder replacement.

  Chen Jixu told reporters that the patient Aunt Fan is a typical senile chronic strain.

With the increase of age, the tendons of the middle-aged and elderly people will gradually degenerate and wear out. Sometimes a slight push and pull can cause rotator cuff tears that cannot be self-healed.

He emphasized that “rotator cuff injury” must not be stretched blindly by oneself, and improper exercise will cause the tear of the damaged rotator cuff to expand.

Therefore, once you find that your shoulder pain is obvious and it hasn't improved for a long time, you should consult a doctor in time, and don't act rashly or take self-recovery exercises.

  How to distinguish between rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder?

Chen Jiyu told reporters that if he or he cannot lift his upper arms above his head with the help of others, it is likely to be frozen shoulder; most rotator cuff injuries are not affected by shoulder lifting with the assistance of others.

"The current treatment of rotator cuff injury is divided into conservative treatment and surgical treatment. For patients with a short course of disease, mild symptoms, and old age who are not suitable for surgery, conservative treatment of "rehabilitation training + physical therapy + drugs" can be adopted. This An expert said: “It is worth noting that conservative treatment is only a relief method and cannot'repair' the torn rotator cuff.

He said that after conservative treatment for 3 to 6 months, if the patient's condition does not significantly relieve or even worsens, he should seek medical treatment in time and consider rotator cuff repair. At present, most doctors choose to use arthroscopic microscopy. The rotator cuff is repaired by wound means, with good curative effect, little trauma and quick recovery. (End)