Sophia Khatsenkova 9:26 p.m., November 27, 2021

It is a fairly unique vineyard: the Belgian vineyard.

It may seem surprising, but Belgium not only produces very good beer but also very good quality wines.

This is the wine chronicle of this Saturday by Olivier Poels, gastronomic journalist at the microphone of Europe 1. 

When we think of Belgium, we often think of very good quality beer.

However, the country not only produces beer but also wine!

The Belgian vineyard is on the rise and that is why Olivier Poels, gastronomic journalist has decided to introduce you to Belgian wine during the program "La Table des bons vivant" this Saturday. 

200 hectares replanted by enthusiasts

The vineyards already existed in the Middle Ages in Belgium and then they had disappeared for several centuries because they were in competition with the wines of Champagne and Burgundy.

But today, there are about 200 hectares that have been replanted for about thirty years by enthusiasts of very small structures.

Which is still far from the 750,000 hectares of vines in France. 

Global warming has an impact on wine

The production of Belgian wine is also in a way a consequence of global warming.

Because the hotter summers and especially the Indian summers favor the culture, which makes it possible to make wines of better quality.

Most of the grape varieties planted come from the North.

"There are chardonnay, pinot noir and even regent which is a grape variety with a very cold climate", explains Olivier Poels. 

Which Belgian wine to choose?

If you want to discover a good Belgian wine, Olivier Poels recommends the Chardonnay vintage 2018 from the Domaine de la Falize, near Namur.

"It's a very small vineyard. It's barely two hectares and mainly white wine. It makes an overall production of around 7,000-7,500 bottles. It's a chardonnay that is ripe, that has character, which has fat, ”says the food journalist.

However, be careful of the bill.

A bottle of this Belgian wine costs around 50 euros because of its rarity.