Before the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative election was announced on the 19th, Izumi, the chairman of the political investigation, held a press conference in the Diet on the morning of the 17th, saying, "We must change the image of the party positively. I want to take the lead in party reform, "he said, officially announcing his candidacy.

In this, Izumi, the chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party's political affairs investigation, said, "I think there was a very strict referee in the previous House of Representatives election. I had to do so and decided to run for the party because I wanted to take the lead in reforming the party. "

On top of that, "competition is fierce under neoliberalism, only self-responsibility is emphasized, and people's lives are becoming very serious. Aiming for a" society where ordinary peace of mind can be obtained ", medical care, long-term care, and childcare We must create a system that gives us a sense of security in the field of basic services such as. "

Regarding the cooperation with the Communist Party, which was promoted by former representative Edano in the lower house election, "I do not deny anything at this point. I will go. "

On the other hand, regarding the debate in the Diet for the constitutional amendment required by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Nippon Ishin no Kai, "The Constitutional Democratic Party is not a party that denies discussing the Constitution. If we can discuss the Constitution, it is natural to proceed with the discussion of the Constitutional Review Board. "

Mr. Izumi is 47 years old, having been elected to the Kyoto 3rd district of the House of Representatives eight times.

Before joining the Constitutional Democratic Party, he was the chairman of the Diet Countermeasures Committee and the chairman of the political investigation, and was defeated by Mr. Edano in the representative election held in September last year.