• Covid, Iss: in Italy the incidence rose to 78 and the RT to 1.21

  • Coronavirus, 7,569 new infections and 36 deaths.

    1.7% positivity rate

  • Weekly report on coronavirus in Italy: no region in the yellow zone


November 15, 2021 From October 14 to November 14, 2,734 healthcare workers fell ill, when just a few weeks earlier the average was 1,377 every 30 days. These are some of the numbers from the report on Covid 19 by Nursing Up, the Italian Nurses Union according to which people currently travel "at an average of 90 health professionals who are getting sick every day".   

"Our representatives in the area - says president Antonio De Palma - do not report prevalence of serious symptoms among colleagues who fall ill, and many of those concerned are not hospitalized". Another worrying fact according to the union is the increase in hospitalizations. "In Campania, Lombardy and Piedmont they have recovered in a worrying way - continues De Palma - and they deserve to be definitely monitored. In Campania, in particular, the peak of 20 more Covid hospitalizations per day has been reached".     

Also in Campania, according to the report, the work carried out by the AORN company in Caserta, which mapped the immune response of all the personnel to whom the 2 doses were injected, is "significant". After some time, out of 1700 employees, 160 did not develop antibodies valid for immunization. "This means - continues De Palma - that the nurses and doctors already vaccinated at the beginning of the year are gradually losing their immunity". 

Hence the invitation to all Italian health companies "to implement, without delay", the activities of "constant monitoring of the phenomenon, given the evidence that the higher the number of infected people entering and leaving at risk environments , the more the virus increases its pervasiveness outside the same hospital environments ".