• Language The universities of Catalonia plan to impose 80% of classes in Catalan

  • Inspection The Generalitat will make blacklists of university professors who use Spanish in their classes

The Plataforma Universitaris per la Convivència, which brings together more than 200 professors from all Catalan universities, demands respect for bilingualism on the campus of Catalonia and that violence against constitutionalist students be condemned unequivocally.

In a tough letter sent to the rectors of the eight public universities in Catalonia, this group of teachers denounces the persecution that Spanish is suffering in the classrooms after the Generalitat ordered the preparation of reports to detect teachers who did not use Catalan and who the rectors themselves undertook to extend immersion to university centers with a quota of 80% of the subjects taught in that language.

"Linguistic freedom is threatened today. For decades, students and teachers have expressed ourselves with full freedom in the classrooms in Spanish and Catalan. However, now they want to create a problem where there was none. In the name of the principles of ' transparency 'and' security ', denunciation and investigation are encouraged, in short, the intimidation of those who dare to use in class, even if it is punctually and in attention to their students, a language other than the one announced ".

"Today in Catalonia the power aspires to the outrage of turning the Catalan university into one more link in the chain with which it can subject the whole of society to the cause of Catalan nationalism and the price is to sacrifice the public liberties of those who disagree with that cause ", the professors denounce in the letter sent to the ACUP, the association that integrates the eight Catalan public universities.

The teachers urge the rectors to "decide if they are going to be the protagonists of this liberticidal endeavor or if, in accordance with the dignity of their position, they are going to confront it." "They still have time to assume their responsibility in defense of the freedom of all," continue the professors, who also denounce the "cowardly and complicit silence" in the face of the attack on the young constitutionalists of S'ha Acabat at the UAB and before " the totalitarian claim of certain sectors of the student movement to expel from the university public space all those who think otherwise ".

"The Catalan universities must stop assuming as their own, and therefore of all of us, the ideological positions that only belong to some", the university professors settle in their letter appealing to the principle of ideological neutrality of the governing bodies of the university centers .

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