by Chiara Rancati

22 October 2021European stock exchanges close in slowdown.

Milan the worst at + 0.18%, the best remains Paris which exceeds seven tenths of an increase point. 

Effect of the negative passage of the American lists: Dow Jones just below par, Nasdaq in sharp decline, by almost one percentage point.

Driven to the downside by the crashes of two major stocks: Intel, which loses more than 10% after announcing that its profitability in the coming years could be lower than expected due to high costs, and Snap, the company that controls the Snapchat messaging system, collapsing by 24% after disappointing quarterly accounts but above all after explaining that the new privacy protection systems installed on Apple smartphones and computers are putting its online targeted advertising system in difficulty.  

While the price of oil falls slightly: Brent is back below 85 dollars a barrel, the American WTI below 83.

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